Nationally Recognized Environmental Leader

All of Commercial Asphalt Co.'s plants are recipients of the prestigious Diamond Achievement Award from the National Asphalt Pavement Association. The sites of each of the recipients of this award are assessed in six separate categories including: appearance, operations, environmental, safety, community relations and permitting & compliance. Only those sites who excel against each of the standards are granted this prestigious recognition. "We are very pleased to have received these awards. Our plant operators and management team have worked hard with our local communities to make our plants and their sites’ environmentally friendly and an asset to the community. " said Chad Sauer, Vice President for Operations.

The following excerpt is from NAPA'S Hot Mix Asphalt Technology Magazine.

"Commercial Asphalt Co.'s Plant No. 909, located in Blaine, Minnesota, is the winner of NAPA's Ecological Award for a New HMA Facility. The company situated its plant on a 33-acre site in a newly developing industrial area, which included areas of detached upland and several wetlands.

Through a process of wetland mitigation, the company created 17 acres of contiguous upland, using it for the plant, stockpile areas, and building. Many of the wetland areas were left untouched, and some of the created wetlands treat storm water.

The plant is a counter-flow design with a blue smoke capturing system, and uses an odor reducing solution for additional odor reduction. To alleviate noise, the plant has an emerged total air burner and all air solenoids are equipped with exhaust mufflers. The company minimizes dust by hard surfacing all the plant, parking, and traffic areas.

A new 4,200-sq.-ft. design laboratory and quality control building built near the street serves as a buffer between the driving public and the HMA Plant. The building gives the site a "light industry" look."