Environmental Leader

Tiller Corporation was recently recognized as the Environmental Business of the Year by Great River Greening. "…Tiller was chosen on the basis of their commitment to the environment as demonstrated through their accomplishments related to preserving, restoring, and enhancing natural areas; creatively using native plants in urban spaces; improving access to natural areas; and inspiring through their art an awareness of the natural beauty of our landscape which is our heritage."

Great River Greening leads and inspires community-based restoration of natural areas and open spaces. Their restoration efforts help preserve natural areas, protect clean air and water, and increase urban residents’ access to natural areas and sustainable open space. They have engaged well over 20,000 volunteers in projects on both public and private land that conserve critical land habitat and affect water quality.

By mobilizing and educating citizens to restore woods, prairies, and other natural resources in our communities, they are building a community of individuals who will be good stewards of these natural areas in the future. Tiller Corporation was truly honored to be recognized by such a dedicated organization.