Company Overview

Asphalt for the Pavement Contractor

Commercial Asphalt Co. manufactures and sells hot mix asphalt to contractors for residential, commercial and highway projects. Our design laboratories create mix designs for your specific construction needs. Whether your customer requires a mix for a high volume highway or your customer is a homeowner looking for a great driveway – we have the mix to meet your need.

We have ten plants located conveniently throughout the greater Twin Cities. Please click on the locations tab to find the site most convenient to your need. If you have any questions feel free to call (763) 424-5400 to get pricing information, directions to one of our sites, or hours of operation.

Our History

Post-mining reclamation and re-use of industrial plant sites are always a significant question in the minds of community leaders and their constituents. We are committed to being a strong community partner. One of the best ways to highlight our efforts in this area is to walk you through an actual case study of one of our operations.

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