Recycle Material

Do you have unwanted concrete or asphalt pavement from a project? For a small fee, you can dispose of it at one of our twelve locations around the metro area. We then crush the rubble into a variety of base products to sell for commercial and residential projects.

Concrete and asphalt rubble can be recycled to make a variety of base products such as Class 5, Class 6, and 3” minus recycle. These products can be used under roadways, driveways, retaining walls, and much more. In fact concrete and asphalt are the most recycled products in the world.

It is not necessary to make an appointment. We reserve the right to check and refuse any loads.
* A $25.00 minimum fee applies for all loads.

What we accept for recycling call/email for prices.

  • Concrete (rubble, blocks, and pavers)
  • Asphalt (rubble)
  • Rock (free of organic material)

What we accept for recycling with an additional charge call/email for prices.

  • Oversized concrete (larger than 3’x3’x1’)
  • Concrete w/wire mesh (rebar is acceptable with no additional charge)

What we DO NOT accept

  • Clay brick or block
  • Concrete that is red/orange in color
  • Decorative Rock with organic material
  • Garbage
  • Fill/Organic material
  • Wood

If you are interested in purchasing recycle products, or any other products we have available, please contact our sales department at (763) 425-4191/ .