Company Overview

World Class Storage Facility

Barton Enterprises, Inc. operates a 26-million gallon asphalt cement storage facility built in 1977 to supply Commercial Asphalt Co.'s hot mix asphalt plants. It is one of the largest storage facilities of its kind in the Western United States and has truck, rail and barge handling capabilities.

Located on a peninsula on the east side of the Mississippi River in St. Paul, MN, the facility is comprised of eleven large heated and insulated steel storage tanks. Asphalt cement is stored and dispensed at approximately 300 degrees Fahrenheit. As many as six trucks can be loaded simultaneously at this facility.

Our History

Post-mining reclamation and re-use of industrial plant sites are always a significant question in the minds of community leaders and their constituents. We are committed to being a strong community partner. One of the best ways to highlight our efforts in this area is to walk you through an actual case study of one of our operations.

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